HDR landscape

High-dynamic-range imaging is a technique used in photographic imaging and films, and in ray-traced computer-generated imaging, to reproduce a greater range of luminosity than what is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques.

Shoot like aaron siskind

In the first photo, aaron siskind took that photo and you can see that he has a different type of photography and looks more for texture and shen you see it it makes you think. In the pictures I took you can see I tried to use the same photography he uses and in the last one I tried to make it look like a icey granite rock.


In the photo you see here I with a friend sitting on a curb in the streets, it reminds of of a aesthetic effect and gives me good vibes and has a little story behind it.

I like how Henri Cartier Bresson takes his picture. His timing is always right. He has good composition. His ability to take pictures is good. I like his white and black pictures. I pick these picture because first it capture the moment really good and it look realistic. His pictures has a story behind it. He has a good angle. His pictures caught my eyes. I loves his pictures.


1.) Wedding photography

2.) Street photography

3.) Photojournalism

4.) Fashion photography

5.) Aerial photography

6.) Event photography

7.) Sports photography

8.) Landscape photography

9.)Still life photography

10.) Wildlife photography

What I want to do as my main career is being a dental assistant. They make good money and seems easy and over happiness of the job I’m good with. I don’t really see myself going into the photography world and making that my main pathway. Photography does seem fun though and I would like to get more into it though.

Ronny Sanchez Per.3

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